Open Letter to all Western Cape MPPs

PRESS STATEMENT: CIAG writes to all WC MPPs - honour the WC Constitution, put the WC people above party politics, & vote for the WC Peoples Bill

PRESS RELEASE: CIAG sends open letter to Western Cape MPPs imploring them to follow their conscience rather than the whip on WC Peoples Bill

The Cape Independence Advocacy Group (CIAG) has written to every member of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament (MPP) imploring them to put the best interests of the Western Cape people above party politics and, when the time comes, to vote in favour of the Western Cape Peoples Bill.

The letter reminds MPPs that they have a constitutional obligation to act in the best interests of the Western Cape people and says that the choice facing MPPs is a simple one, “Do you wish to grant or deny the Western Cape people the right to make decisions for themselves?”.

CIAG spokesperson Phil Craig says, “When you boil the Peoples Bill down to what it actually means in practice, right and wrong becomes obvious. How can you possibly act in the best interests of the Western Cape people, which the Western Cape Constitution compels MPPs to do, and then vote against them being able to make decisions for themselves?”.

Whilst the CIAG has written to all MPPs, its primary focus is on DA MPPs who will determine whether the Freedom Front’s WC Peoples Bill passes into law or not.

Craig says “John Steenhuisen has told us that a terrible doomsday is likely in 2024, whilst Helen Zille has repeatedly said that people who do not vote ANC do not deserve to live in a failed state. To hold these views and then instruct your party to actively prevent the Western Cape’s only realistic means of escape would be unforgiveable and a complete betrayal of the Western Cape people.”  

Current indications are that the DA intends to vote for requesting more powers via their own Western Cape Provincial Powers Bill but against having the authority to obtain them via the Freedom Front Plus’s Western Cape Peoples Bill. Other than through a lens of selfish party politics, this makes no sense whatsoever.

Click here to read a copy of the open letter (version sent to DA MPPs)

Click here to read a copy of the open letter (sent to all non-DA MPPs)
Click here to read a copy of the Western Cape Peoples Bill

DATE: 13 July 2023

The bill is open for public comment until 7 Aug 2023. For details on how to comment on the Bill click here.

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