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Manifesto - Cape Independence Advocacy Group
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ENGLISH Revision 1.0 2020-05-14

Who are we?

Worried about the future for our families, our friends and our compatriots, concerned citizens from many walks of life, and across the political spectrum, have united around a common conviction that the political power exercised over the Cape peoples must, first and foremost, be chosen by, and accountable to, the Cape electorate and not the South African central government, for whom the Cape is not a priority.

As individuals we contribute our professional expertise, and in many cases personal resources, to pursue Cape independence, firmly believing it will deliver a better life for all Cape citizens regardless of their race, religion or culture.

Together we form the ‘Cape Independence Advocacy Group’ (CIAG).

What problems are we trying to solve?

Our democracy is broken.

By definition democracy requires a government to be elected by, and govern with, the consent of the people.

Since 1994 only one political party has governed South Africa, and therefore by extension, the (Western) Cape. During this period that political party, the ANC, has never once had the support of the majority of Cape voters (50%+1). They currently govern the Cape from Pretoria with 28.6% of the vote, and average only 35% of the vote since 1994.

One statistic illustrates the severity of this problem more than any other; had the Cape unanimously voted for any political party other than the ANC at every single election, it wouldn’t have changed the outcome of any of them, and the ANC would still govern the Cape with 0% of the vote. In the light of this, the people of the Cape do not have genuine democracy because our wishes are irrelevant to the electoral process and our national government is chosen in spite of, rather than by, us.

This lack of genuine democracy is not just some philosophical enigma, it has had devastating consequences for the people of the Cape. The ANC government we didn’t elect has systematically used it’s power to undermine, marginalise and discriminate against the people of the Cape. Not only have the ANC enacted disastrous economic policies which have devastated our economy, left us with some of the highest rates of unemployment and lowest rates of education in the world, and leaving millions to live in crushing poverty, they have deliberately suppressed the majority of Cape citizens on the basis of their race, even at times, as the constitutional court itself stated, in contravention of it’s own racist laws, laws which even of themselves were not supported by the citizens of the Cape.

What solutions do we propose?

Our purpose is to establish genuine democracy in the Cape, handing political power to the people of the Cape and removing it from Pretoria. In legal terms this right which we are seeking is referred to as ‘self-determination’.

To return political power to the people of the Cape we are committed to obtaining a referendum, in which every registered voter in the Cape will get to vote, asking the Cape people whether they would prefer to remain as a part of South Africa and be governed from Pretoria, or whether they would rather break away from South Africa and establish a new independent country: Cape of Good Hope, which they would then govern for themselves.

As a group we do not propose specific policies beyond handing political power to the people of the Cape, the Cape peoples themselves must elect political leaders who will govern the Cape and make decisions on their behalf, as their elected representatives.

We will however, as is legally required in the formation of a new country, develop a ‘Bill of Rights’ in co-ordination with other groups seeking Cape independence.

Contained within it will be an absolute rejection of racism in all forms, including the classification of people by race, and any policy which would be premised upon such classification. It will also contain an immigration policy, consistent with international norm and best practices, which will ensure that the upliftment of Cape citizens is prioritised, whilst inward migration is controlled and limited to those who can contribute to the development and well-being of our new country.

How do we plan to achieve a referendum on Independence?

The strategy of our group is to raise awareness that Cape Independence is a genuinely achievable possibility and to promote the benefits of a ‘Leave’ vote. We will do this in 4 ways:

1. Increase visibility of the Independence movement by promoting and facilitating the display of Cape Independence symbols such as the proposed Cape of Good Hope Flag

2. Run a PR campaign to increase the amount of media coverage given to Cape Independence

3. Conduct a political campaign seeking to influence the positions held by major political parties on Cape Independence

4. Support other groups seeking Cape Independence via peaceful and lawful means

How can you help?

Above all else Cape Independence is a people’s movement and every and any contribution you can make will be greatly welcomed.

Some of the ways you can help are:

1. Become an advocate for independence yourself and spread the word.

2. Become an activist and register on our mailing list and database so we can inform you about upcoming events. Mobilise other people to do the same.

3. Donate - Support us financially so we can become even more effective.

4. Provide us with resources which could assist– e.g. a free billboard site on your land, a function venue to hold meetings, an outlet to sell our merchandise, etc.

5. Offer your professional expertise in your field to our campaign.

6. Leverage your network and introduce us to influential people who would be sympathetic to our cause.

Our Commitment

Our group is committed to, democratically, lawfully and peacefully, obtaining independence for the collective peoples of the (Western) Cape.