How To Support Cape Independence

A Guide to Supporting the Cape Independence Movement

How To Support Cape Independence

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Cape Independence Advocacy Group

Talk to Friends and Family

  • Please spread the word! Talk to as many people as you can about Cape independence
  • Read our Questions page if you get stuck explaining something
  • Key messages to share:
  • "Can anyone prove a free and independent Cape will not be better off?"
  • "We have a problem, that Cape Independence can fix, when nothing else will."
  • "If the Western Cape was a prosperous well governed independent country, would you vote to merge it with South Africa? If so, why?"

Offline Visibility

  • Talk to people you know in the media
  • Print Stickers and distribute them
  • Print Flyers and distribute them
  • Join our marches and rallies
  • Buy items from our Online Shop



Political Parties to Support

Articles To Read


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Support Our Work

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About CIAG: We are a non-profit organisation committed to democratically, lawfully and peacefully obtaining independence for the collective peoples of the Western Cape. Support our work: please spread the word, register for our newsletter and donate.