How To Support Cape Independence

A Guide to Supporting the Cape Independence Movement

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More ways to help...

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Cape Independence Advocacy Group

Talk to Friends and Family

  • Please spread the word! Talk to as many people as you can about Cape independence
  • Read our Questions page if you get stuck explaining something
  • Key messages to share:
  • "Can anyone prove a free and independent Cape will not be better off?"
  • "We have a problem, that Cape Independence can fix, when nothing else will."
  • "If the Western Cape was a prosperous well governed independent country, would you vote to merge it with South Africa? If so, why?"

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Free The Western Cape


Political Parties to Support

The parties below have stated that they support Cape independence. We'd like to add more to this list soon, like ACDP, DA, GOOD and AL JAMA'AH, but they are not supporting independence yet, as far as we know.

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