Cape Independence

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Why Cape Independence?

Morally and legally all ‘peoples’ have the right to decide how and by whom they want to be governed (Right to Self Determination).

When we, the people of the Cape, gave our democratic consent to being governed by the National Government of South Africa, we did so on the promise of a better future for all South Africans, believing that we were turning our backs on the racial divisions of the past, together forging a ‘Rainbow Nation’ we could all call home.

Nearly three decades later our dream has become a nightmare. The National Government has abandoned any pretence of a ‘Rainbow Nation’, embarking instead upon a racial crusade which permeates every corner of our society. Largely as a consequence, local government has collapsed in many parts of the country, our economy has stagnated, real unemployment has reached over 40%, corruption is endemic, violent crime rampant, our national debt has ballooned out of control and there are more welfare recipients than tax payers. It is a situation each one of us must recognise is untenable.

We, the people of the Cape, have done all we can to resist this unfolding disaster. We have consistently rejected the immoral and illogical conduct of the ANC government at the polls, on the streets and in the courts. Our courage has not entirely been in vain, holding back the worst of the unfolding destruction, but, so long as we choose to remain within the current system, it is, in the final reckoning, a fight we simply cannot win.

Maths is an exact science, and so long as the Cape remains in a voluntary union with South Africa, the democratic wishes of the Cape will be rendered redundant by the vastly larger combined population of the other South African provinces.

Our fight is not against the people of South Africa. They are fully entitled to elect the government of their choosing, but ultimately, we, the people of the Cape, must be free to elect ours. The only way we can do so is to withdraw from the union with South Africa and to claim our moral and legal right to determine our own future in the Cape of Good Hope – a new independent country.

As an independent country we will then be free to embark upon sensible policy choices, moving once and for all beyond race and using our economic strength and the larger financial budget independence will bring us to tackle the critical issues which face our people, including poverty, unemployment, housing and crime, which will ultimately provide a safer and more prosperous future for us all.

Borders & Citizenship

Borders - What will be the borders of the Cape of Good Hope?

The borders of the new country will be defined democratically by its people, to the extent that this is practically possible, and can be agreed with the government of South Africa.

The existing borders of the Western Cape will form the starting point, from where, at municipal level, communities adjacent to the border, whether inside or outside, will then democratically decide whether they wish to be located in the Cape of Good Hope or in South Africa.

Upon completion of the democratic process the border will have been defined by the wishes of the people.

Citizenship - Who will be Citizens in the Cape of Good Hope?

Anyone who is currently a legal citizen of South Africa and who permanently and legally resides within the borders of the new country will automatically qualify for citizenship should they wish to adopt it. Regardless of their race, religion, or culture.

Anyone else wishing to settle in the Cape of Good Hope will be welcome to apply for either residency or citizenship. These applications will be assessed by the democratically elected government of the Cape of Good Hope under an immigration policy consistent with established international norms.


We are Committed to Democracy

Our role is to assist the People of the Cape in achieving self-determination. We do not seek power ourselves. Accordingly we have no authority or desire to determine which policies the government of the Cape of Good Hope will adopt. The new government and its policies must be determined by a democratic process.

The Cape of Good Hope will need to develop its own constitution which must include a Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights must include the prohibition of racial and other forms of unjust discrimination, not only on the part of citizens, but also upon government itself.

As an independent country the Cape of Good Hope will be much better placed to develop and fund workable policies to address our many issues. It will have a much larger financial budget, no longer having to subsidise South Africa as it currently does, and the government will be closer to the people ensuring that we develop local solutions to local problems.