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A safe, prosperous, non-racial Western Cape is not going to just happen. It's going to take hard work, financial resources and dedicated people willing to go the extra mile to build a future which our children can be proud of.

The CIAG team has been hard at work building momentum and awareness. The majority of Western Cape voters now support Cape Independence!

If like us, you want to live in a free and independent Cape, you need to spread the word, take action and please register below.

Time is running out. How will history remember you?

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How do Cape Independence Advocates contribute?

We spread the word
• Talk to friends, relatives, and colleagues about Cape Independence
• Follow our social media feeds and get involved in discussions

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• Start your own community group
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Terms and Conditions
We simply ask that you be keep the reputation of the CIAG and the wider Cape independence movement in mind when getting into (online) debates. Please refer people to our website if you are not sure about the details of a topic.