Winde says "NO" to Cape Independence Referendum

PRESS RELEASE: WC Premier Winde has dismissed the wishes of 68% of WC citizens on a Cape Independence referendum because he personally doesn't like the idea.

Winde says "NO" to Cape Independence referendum

Premier Alan Winde has complied with the 10 October deadline given to him by over 30,000 Western Cape voters who asked him to unequivocally state whether or not he was willing to call a referendum on Cape Independence.

The answer is "No".

The Cape Independence Advocacy Group (CIAG) is disappointed but not surprised.

Spokesperson Phil Craig says, “Exactly 900 days ago, DA-leader John Steenhuisen promised the CIAG that the DA would fix the referendum legislation and then call a referendum which included a question on Cape Independence. Prior to the 2021 elections, the DA acted in good faith, but once the elections were over there was one story after another as the DA failed to make good on their promises.

“The whole purpose of submitting a letter with a firm deadline was to bring finality to the process and to provide clarity to Cape Independence supporters ahead of the 2024 elections. We might not like it, but now we know where we stand.”

In a letter addressed directly to Phil Craig and the CIAG, Winde stated, “I do not believe – and have repeatedly stated so – that the Western Cape should seek independence from South Africa.”

Polling conducted by Victory Research on behalf of the CIAG in August 2023 suggests that 68% of Western Cape voters, and 79% of Western Cape DA voters support a referendum.

Craig says, “Winde’s response rather sums up the tone deafness of the DA on Cape Independence. When the authors of the Constitution granted premiers the power to call provincial referendums, it was highly unlikely that they intended them to be used to enact the premier’s personal political opinions. Referendums exist as a means of establishing what the people want, not the premier!”

The CIAG has for some time had contingency plans in place for exactly this eventuality and will make a further statement in due course.

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