Why Car Socks and Masks are Critical to Winning our Independence

The CIAG strategy for obtaining independence and the critical role played by independence supporters.

When the CIAG was formed in March 2020 our goal was to obtain independence for the Western Cape. Our success depended upon achieving four strategic objectives, which, taken together, would create the political environment required to make independence a reality.

These objectives were:

1. To increase the number of independence related articles that appeared in the media

2. To increase the visibility of independence related symbols

3. To influence the position of political parties and other organisations critical to obtaining independence

4. To support other individuals and organisations striving for independence

Three of the objectives were up to us, the fourth and most important objective, was up to you.

In 2020, there was a 1750% increase in independence related media articles in comparison to 2019. The CIAG now holds regular discussions with senior politicians, political parties and captains of industry. Some have now publicly embraced independence, many more have privately done so. We helped found the Cape Independence Forum, and we have used our marches, our media articles and our social media platforms to promote other independence groups as well as ourselves.

All of these are vitally important, but, in the final reckoning, if there are no public displays of support, there will never be enough pressure to force our political leaders to get behind independence. This is where you, as independence supporters, become key to obtaining independence.

You might find this short video (3 mins) on ‘building a movement’ interesting. You will see just how critical your role as ‘first followers’ is to the ultimate success of the independence movement.

Imagine thousands of cars driving around the Cape advertising support for independence, tens of thousands of people walking around signalling that they want independence with their masks. This would be unimaginably powerful – so powerful that independence would almost certainly become a reality as the South African state continues to collapse around us.

Somebody needs to be the first car in the street, the first mask in the office. If you watched the video you will realise even more importantly, someone else needs to be the second.

Now it’s over to you.

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