Ukraine Emphasises Ideological Chasm Between WC and SA - Exit Mechanism Required

PRESS RELEASE: Response to Ukraine crisis emphasises the ideological chasm between the Western Cape and South Africa. The Western Cape must be offered a democratic exit mechanism.

PRESS RELEASE: Response to the Ukraine crisis emphasises the ideological chasm between South Africa and the Western Cape. The Western Cape must be offered a democratic exit mechanism.

The South African National Government officially abstained from criticising its Russian ally at the United Nations, one of only 35 countries to do so, whilst the Western Cape Government and the City of Cape Town illuminated the Provincial Government Building and the Cape Town City Hall in Blue and Yellow to broadcast their unequivocal support for Ukraine.

Phil Craig, spokesperson for the Cape Independence Advocacy Group (CIAG) says:

“South Africa under the ANC has always aligned itself with the communist block and turned a blind eye to human rights abuses, undemocratic government, and totalitarianism. Its increasingly morally reprehensible conduct is simply a reflection of the countries it wishes to emulate. Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe are examples.

In contrast, the Western Cape aligns itself with the West, advocating for liberal democracy, a less rigidly controlled economy, and the rule of law.

Whilst ANC officials can steal vast sums of money in South Africa with virtual impunity, officials in the Western Cape are being fired for lying about their qualifications. In South Africa allegations of rape do little to dent presidential ambitions, whilst in the Western Cape allegations of sexual harassment end careers.”

China, Cuba, and Zimbabwe abstained along with South Africa, Russia voted in favour of its own invasion, whilst somewhat aptly Venezuela was disqualified from voting because it wasn’t able to pay its fees at the UN.

Craig concludes:

“The Western Cape did not elect the South African government, they voted emphatically against it as they have done for three decades. No matter how badly the South African government conducts itself, the people of the Western Cape currently have no democratic mechanism to remove it.

A provincial referendum must be held as a matter of urgency to give the Western Cape people a means by which to opt out of being ruled by a national government they didn’t elect.

It cannot be that an immoral national government is allowed to force itself upon a province which despises it.”


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