Township Unemployment Forum Announces Support for Cape Independence

PRESS RELEASE: Langeberg Unemployment Forum (LUF) announces support for Cape Independence. Will collaborate with CIAG.

The Langeberg Unemployment Forum (LUF) is a special interest group campaigning for government to take a more constructive approach in addressing joblessness. It believes that deregulation of the labour market is essential. Its members are predominantly black and unemployed, and are drawn from the townships of Nkqubela and Zolani in the Robertson and Ashton areas of the Western Cape

The LUF was formed nine years ago and runs the ‘Let me Work’ website (

  • Lodging a complaint at the Human Rights Commission claiming that restrictive labour laws protect the employed at the expense of the unemployed, depriving unemployed people of their dignity.
  • Making a submission to the ‘Minimum Wage Commission’ opposing the imposition of a minimum wage on the grounds that it would lock people into unemployment.
  • Appealing to the Office of the Deputy President for the creation of a ‘Job Seekers Exemption Certificate (JSEC)’ which would exempt unemployed people from labour laws for a fixed period of time.

LUF spokesperson Vuyo Mrubata explains why the organisation has decided to come out in support of Cape Independence.

It is clear that South Africa has no intention of changing course and this spells disaster for unemployed people. Where South Africa favours increased regulation, the Western Cape favours deregulation and creating the circumstances for economic growth and job creation. If we are going to meaningfully address unemployment, we need to be able to elect a national government who will implement these policies. As things now stand, that cannot happen in South Africa, but it can happen in an independent Western Cape”.

Intrigued by the growing movement for Cape Independence, the LUF nominated Xolile Mpini to contact the CIAG and to find out more about the movement. The two organisations discovered that they had much in common, so much so that Xolile subsequently joined the CIAG and is now a member of its executive committee.

The prospect of creating a non-racial first world country at Africa’s southern tip is one that really excited us. It is an opportunity to build something new, a country which we can all be proud of. We want to be involved and we want to fully participate in the process” Mrubata says.

Power to the people of the Western Cape.


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