The Cape we Want (Survey)

SURVEY RESULTS: Find out what values are important to Cape Independence supporters, where they live, and who they intend to vote for in 2024

In October 2022 the CIAG conducted an online survey where Cape Independence supporters were asked their opinions on a range of issues.

Echoing the results of professional polling and previous surveys, this survey once again reveals that, in stark contrast to how they are often portrayed, Cape Independence supporters are more civically minded, less racialised, and more economically pragmatic than those who oppose Cape Independence.

They want to build a better, functional, non-racial society where everyone can proposer. The overwhelming majority of those currently living outside the Western Cape are planning to move there.

The political parties they are most likely to vote for are the DA, the Cape Independence Party, the Freedom Front Plus, and the ACDP.

Key insights:

802 people took part in the survey, of which 765 said they supported Cape Independence, and where 579 currently lived in the Western Cape.

The DA remains the most popular choice for Cape Independence supporters. This survey however showed much more support for the Cape Independence Party (CIP) than any of our previous surveys or polls. It will be interesting to see if future professional polling reflects this change, or if a disproportionate number of CIP supporters took part in this survey (it was not a demographically representative sample and participants self-selected). To the best of our knowledge the link to take part in the survey was not shared on CIP platforms. Watch this space.

The survey affirmed that values historically associated with the Cape (often referred to as Cape Liberalism) still dominate the ideology of Cape Independence supporters. This is in sharp contract to the rest of South Africa which since 1994 has repeatedly elected an obviously corrupt African nationalistic government, and where racial classification and race-based policy commands widespread popular support.

Cape Independence supporters define themselves first and foremost as citizens of their chosen country as opposed to by their race, language, or culture. They are civic nationalists and Cape Independence is based upon a shared ideology. It was also notable that in the survey the WC was the least racially orientated province.

Three clear priorities for Cape Independence supporters emerged from the survey, a strong economy, functional policing, and an effective education system.

Cape Independence supporters want government to get out of the way and to allow citizens and the private sector to create a functional society where all can fulfil their true potential. Perhaps for obvious reasons, respondents in the Western Cape were more willing to allow the government to play some role in the economy than respondents from other provinces.

72% of Cape Independence supporters wanted home language education, although they were divided on whether it should continue through to university or not.

Almost all Cape Independence supporters wanted to consider and protect the environment when generating electricity, with 50% saying it should be the priority (whilst still ensuring that we have sufficient electricity).

Two thirds of Cape Independence supporters who currently live outside of the Western Cape are actively planning to relocate to the Western Cape. Only 5% are not considering it. In sharp contrast, none of those opposed to Cape Independence are actively planning to relocate.

For those of you who took part in the survey, thank you.

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