The Cape Independence Flag

The 'Cape Independence' flag and why we chose it

The 'Cape Independence' Flag and Why We Chose It

We need a symbol that everyone can rally around, not just our supporters, everyone's supporters. This isn't our logo and it doesn't replace it. Our logo is exclusively ours, this flag is there for anyone wanting to peacefully promote a non-racial democratic independent Cape to use.

The traditional colours of the Western Cape are blue, white and red. (Think Western Province rugby). These are also the colours of freedom and liberty and feature strongly in the current South African flag. We want to honour our past, recognising both the good and the bad in it. It is our shared history. If once we fought, let us now be brothers, and together, build a nation we can all be proud of.

The white cross represents democracy - the cross that we are campaigning for, the cross that one day you can place when voting in the independence referendum.

Please rally behind our flag and be proud of it. Yes there were other designs we could have used. Yes, like any flag you will be able to compare this one to somebody else's, somewhere. Please don't. This is our campaign flag. Please support us even if it wasn't your first choice.

Please note: It is NOT the NEW COUNTRY'S FLAG - that's not our choice to make.

You can download a PDF version of the flag here:

About CIAG: We are a non-profit organisation committed to democratically, lawfully and peacefully obtaining independence for the collective peoples of the Western Cape. Support our work: please spread the word, register for our newsletter and donate.