State of the Nation (SONA) 2022 Delivered Early

PRESS RELEASE: SONA Delivered Early by President Ramaphosa - Wheels are Coming Off but One Province Works

In the very first weekend of the year, the true state of the South African nation has been emphatically demonstrated in Cape Town.

On Saturday 1 January, the conscience of our nation was laid to rest. It was impossible not to contrast the simple pine coffin with rope handles which carried a moral giant who had achieved so much to his final resting place, with the grandiosity habitually displayed by our morally corrupt ‘leaders’, who have achieved so little.

On Sunday 2 January, our seat of government, a building which predates South Africa itself, was ravaged by fire, and is no longer functional. Arson and incompetence are both suspected.

President Cyril Ramaphosa delivered the true ‘State of the Nation Address’ in an interview with SABC News, where he stated:

“It does show that there are certain things that do work, even as we may think that the wheels are coming off on everything, and the fact that they (Fire Services) were here in a short space of time is something that we should be grateful for, that we do have one city (Cape Town) that works, we do have a province (Western Cape) that works ….”

Phil Craig, spokesperson for the CIAG, responded to the President’s remarks by saying:

“It should be lost on no-one that the reason we have this city and province that work is because the Western Cape electorate has habitually made better choices than the South African one.

He concluded by saying:

“The Western Cape will perform far better as an independent country, and Western Cape voters must be allowed to make the decision democratically whether to leave South Africa for themselves. No-one must be forced to exist under an incompetent and corrupt government which they didn’t elect.”

DATE:   03 January 2022

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