Phil Craig puts his money where his mouth is

A fearless leader who doesn’t mince his words.

Phil Craig is a fearless leader who doesn’t mince his words. He is fiery, loyal, confident, and dedicated, and has a wicked sense of humour. It’s great if other people get you, he says, but being able to look yourself in the mirror is what truly counts.

He is also the leader of the soon-to-be-launched Referendum Party which he insists must become like Marmite – people must love it or hate it, but never be indifferent.

“I have lived in South Africa for more than 20 years. I was not born here – I chose to become South African. I love this incredible country and its people, and I have never for one single day regretted that choice,” he says passionately.

Over the past few years, one thing has frustrated Phil above all else.

“Our beautiful country is falling apart around us and yet we don’t seem to have the courage to say, enough.”

The more Phil thought about this, the more he knew – something had to be done. Today, if someone asks him, how can a white man with a British accent lead a movement that advocates for Cape Independence, he answers without skipping a beat, “I’m doing it because you didn’t.”

Phil believes that history cannot be reduced to good or bad – it’s always both.

“Apartheid was a terrible system and if I had the power to go back and change it, I would do it in a heartbeat. I admire every person and organisation that has helped SA to become a democracy and that includes Mandela’s ANC.

“There are other parts of our history we should also be proud of,” Phil continues. “When the Dutch landed in the Cape in 1652, they set the country on a trajectory that would see it become the most successful and advanced country on the African continent. I refuse to feel shame over that, I feel proud.”

Phil also believes that South Africans have been shamed into silence, and that far too many people worry about being called racists when they want to speak up about injustice. You know in your heart who you are, why care if someone else doesn’t get it? That’s on them, not you.

“We have reached the point where nobody wants to say the emperor is naked. But he is!”

On 9 November 2023 at 10:30,the Referendum Party will be launched officially. As a single-issue party, it will be primarily aimed at DA voters who support Cape Independence. It will propose keeping the DA in power (by supporting it as a coalition partner) but forcing them to listen to their voters and call a referendum on Cape Independence.

“The Referendum Party is a battle cry, it’s a call to arms, it’s the start of the next chapter in our history,” explains Phil. “It’s time to build a future that our children will beproud of.”

On a personal note, Phil has been married to Johna for 11 years. They have 6 children between them. He loves rugby, politics, and religion.  

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