Newly Launched Referendum Party Planning a Revolution

When rulers lose touch with the people, revolution is quickly in the air.

When rulers lose touch with the people, revolution is quickly in the air.

The DA-led Western Cap eGovernment is trying its hardest to ignore that the overwhelming majority of Western Cape voters support a referendum being held on Cape Independence. This includes 79% of the DA’s own voters*. An independence referendum does not fit in with the DA’s political plans, but in a democracy you cannot hide from the will of the people for very long.

The Referendum Party has been founded to force the DA-led Western Cape Government to listen to its own people.

Legal activist Pierre de Vos recently said Cape Independence cannot be achieved without a revolution. We agree with him entirely, but the pen is mightier than the sword. A referendum on Cape Independence is a revolution – just a democratic and peaceful one.

Referendum Party leader Phil Craig says, “The people of the Western Cape have had enough. The majority of voters in the province have never once voted for the ANC, and they are sick of being led by greedy, incompetent, and corrupt politicians they despise. When the DA finally relents and calls a referendum on Cape Independence, as they will inevitably be forced to do, the Western Cape people will vote for their independence.”

Cape Independence will put the Western Cape people in charge of their own destiny. The current Constitution ensures that control of economic policy, policing, taxation, and borders vests with the ANC national government in Pretoria, leaving the Western Cape Government powerless to create the type of country the Western Cape people want and deserve. As a consequence, we have chronic unemployment, rampant crime, endless illegal land invasions, and Western Cape taxes are being stolen by ANC cronies.

Craig says, “If people want a safe and prosperous long-term future, then Cape Independence is the only realistic solution. It is clear that the multi-party charter will not even get close to a national majority and one way or another the ANC will still be in charge after 2024. Voting DA in the Western Cape isn’t enough either. A DA government in Cape Town is not going to save us when an ANC government in Pretoria is making all of the decisions. Independence is the only solution.”

The Referendum Party will contest both the provincial and national elections.

Once elected, the party will continually remind members of the Western Cape Parliament that they have sworn an oath to the Western Cape people who must be placed ahead of party-political interests. It will then table a motion calling for a referendum to be held on Cape Independence and work with the Freedom Front Plus to fight for the Western Cape Peoples Bill which claims the right of self-determination for the Western Cape people.

In the national assembly, it will fearlessly confront the performance and conduct of our shameful national government. It will also table a constitutional change allowing citizens to instigate referendums. This will prevent premiers from becoming roadblocks to democracy whilst acting in their own narrow political interests just as Premier Winde is currently doing in the Western Cape.

(* Based on successive polls conducted by Victory Research on behalf of the CIAG)

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