End the Lockdown Crisis in the Western Cape!

BLOG POST: Join our online protest to call for a #CapeReferendum

For the citizens of the Western Cape, this Lockdown has emphatically proven that OUR GOVERNMENT must be OUR CHOICE!

The DA leader John Steenhuisen has called for an end to the Lockdown Crisis, and for an end to the irrational and often racialised government response to the Covid-19 crisis. The majority of Western Cape citizens agree with him, but despite the DA having an outright majority in the Western Cape he is powerless to take action! The ANC - a minority party in the Western Cape, with only 29% of the vote, have told him to “stay in his lane”!

Sadly the DA have put themselves in this position. In 2019 they brushed off an independent poll showing 66% of their voters support Cape Independence. In 2020 in the provincial legislature they ignored a call for a referendum. The DA have a policy of silence on the Cape Independence issue, which places them at odds with the majority of people in the Cape, who vote for them.

An Independent Cape will ensure that the government chosen by the collective Cape peoples is empowered to act in their best interests. Until then the government we firmly rejected will continue to make decisions on our behalf, irrespective our wishes.

Join our Online Protest for Cape Independence and an end to the Lockdown Crisis!

We ask you, the peoples of the Cape, to request that the DA respect your wishes and call for a provincial referendum on Cape Independence, so we can be heard and our collective democratic will enacted.

How to join: Join us with a social media protest directed at the DA.

When: Week of 14-20 May

Where to take part:

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Dear @our_DA @alanwinde @jsteenhuisen Our impotence during lockdown demonstrates why OUR GOVERNMENT must be OUR CHOICE! We request a provincial referendum on Cape Independence! #CapeReferendum #FreeTheCape @LetsFreeTheCape Read more: https://www.capeindependence.org/post/lockdown-crisis Please share!
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Dear @our_DA @alanwinde, we support your call to end the Lockdown Crisis. Support our call for Cape Independence! Use this opportunity to break free from ANC rule and their Lockdown Crisis! #FreeTheCape #CapeReferendum @LetsFreeTheCape Read: https://www.capeindependence.org/post/lockdown-crisis Please share!

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Let’s #FreeTheCape!

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