Voting Guide for Cape Independence Supporters - LGE 2021

Elections 2021 - Voting Guide for Cape Independence Supporters

I support Cape Independence, who should I vote for?

Neither the CIAG nor CapeXit (who have jointly produced this guide) support any single political party, but both support parties and organisations who support the peaceful pursuit of a non-racial independent Cape.

The list below shows the position of the main political parties on (1) support for Cape Independence, and, regardless of their position on Cape Independence, (2) their position on support for holding a referendum on Cape Independence.

Ideally Independence supporters will vote for parties who support independence. This will give those parties greater political influence over the independence process.

If for whatever reason you are unable to vote for an independence party, then please vote for one of the many parties who have now said they will support a referendum being called to determine the wishes of Western Cape voters on Cape Independence.

If you vote for a party who opposes Cape Independence and also opposes even a referendum on the subject then you are making yourself an obstacle to Independence.

Parties who support Cape Independence

  • Cape Independence Party
  • Freedom Front Plus / Vryheidsfront Plus
  • Cape Coloured Congress
  • Karoo Ontwikkelings Party

Parties who support a referendum on Cape Independence

  • Democratic Alliance
  • African Christian Democratic Party
  • Cope
  • United Independent Movement

Parties opposed to both Cape Independence and a referendum

  • Economic Freedom Fighters
  • For Good Party
  • Al Jama-ah
  • Icosa
  • Patriotic Alliance

Parties who have declined to say

  • One South Africa


  • African National Congress (Any referendum must be national not provincial)

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