Is Cape Independence a Good Idea?

FAQ: Is Cape Independence a good idea?

Is Cape Independence a good idea?

Are you happy with the South Africa you currently live in?

In polling 89% of Western Cape residents said they thought South Africa was going in the wrong direction. Unemployment, education, and crime were their biggest concerns.

So how can we create jobs, improve education, and reduce crime in the Western Cape? How do we create a country that is going in the right direction?

It starts with electing a government we can trust.

In the Western Cape most voters have never been governed by the political party they vote for. The national government isn’t chosen by us, it is chosen despite us.

Cape Independence is the only way we can elect our own government. Without independence, the far greater number of voters in the rest of South Africa will continue to choose the government for us. We have seen that they do not make very good choices.

An independent Western Cape will have more jobs, a better education system, less crime, less poverty. You are your family will be much better off.

Unconvinced? Then don’t take our word for it, listen to those who oppose Cape Independence. What is their biggest criticism? They ask, ‘how are you going to keep people out?’

Even they intuitively know that an independent Western Cape is going to be a great success.

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