Intro to CIAG Position Paper (2024 Elections)

POSITION PAPER (2024 Elections): Why the CIAG says, if you want Cape Independence "vote AGAINST the DA in 2024". Introduces the 'Referendum Party'

The CIAG has taken the decision to advise Western Cape voters to vote against the DA in the 2024 elections and for a party which supports Cape Independence.

It has also facilitated the founding of the ‘Referendum Party’ which will provide a political home for people who want a DA-led Western Cape Government, but who also want a referendum on Cape Independence.

The Referendum Party will vote with the DA to keep them in power but force them to listen to their own voters on a referendum.

To explain to Cape Independence supporters and DA voters how the CIAG has arrived at this decision, the CIAG has prepared a detailed position paper which walks interested parties through the behind the scenes events of the last three and a half years.

A copy of the White Paper can be downloaded in pdf format here

The White Paper can be read online here

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