Fundraising for 2020

Fundraising and our 1st Public March

Do you want Cape Independence to become a reality?

The Cape Independence Advocacy Group (CIAG) is working tirelessly towards this goal, but we need your help. Our initial funding is almost depleted and we need R500 000 to finance our programme for the next 6 months. We need 1 000 independence supporters to donate R500 each. This can either be done as a once-off EFT or SnapScan payment, or as a recurring monthly EFT payment of R100.

Funding Targets

  • Phase1: Raise R50,000 in October 2020 for our first public march: Completed
  • Phase2: Raise R200,000 by the end of February 2021 for our second polling project: Ongoing
  • Phase3: Raise R50,000 by the end of March 2021 for our second public march

What have we achieved with our funding so far?

The CIAG is now 5 months old and we have made a huge impact. As a direct result of our activities and your support, we have made Cape independence a genuinely realistic possibility. Our achievements to date include:

  • Establishing Cape Independence as a topic in political discourse
  • More than 25 independence articles placed in the mainstream media
  • More than 25 media interviews on independence
  • Published the results of our first poll with related media campaign
  • Establishing a 50 000 strong support base from which to push for independence
  • The DA is now discussing independence with us at
  • Independence (and the CIAG) has been discussed in provincial parliament
  • Independence was on the agenda at a recent ANC NEC meeting
  • 36% of Western Cape citizens now support independence
  • 53% of Western Cape DA voters now support independence

How will your contribution be used?

The CIAG is a non-profit organisation and is run by unpaid volunteers. Your donation will fund the following activities:

  • Our first independence march - provisional date, early December 2020
  • Our second independence march - provisional date, March 2021
  • A second professional independent opinion poll - planned for March 2021
  • Marketing activities designed to increase support for Cape Independence

Why do we need funding for a public march?

Coordinating a successful march takes time, effort and money. Here are some of the items we need to plan for:

  • Transport for marchers from impoverished areas
  • Audio system, stage
  • Portable toilets
  • Marshalls, two-way radios
  • Flyers, banners, signs, flags
  • Produce merchandising items: tshirts, stickers etc

How to donate

Visit our Funding Page for once-off and recurring donation options. Our short term goal is R50,000. Our funding target for December 2020 is R500,000. Please spread the word and encourage friends and family to help with donations. We need 1000 supporters stepping up and donating R500 each. Thank you for your support!

About CIAG: We are a non-profit organisation committed to democratically, lawfully and peacefully obtaining independence for the collective peoples of the Western Cape. Support our work: please spread the word, register for our newsletter and donate.