'Free the Cape' March in 10 Pictures

IN PICTURES: The story of the 'Free the Cape' march told in 10 pictures

(1) The Spirit of Mandela

Nelson Mandela salutes the march as it sets off from the Grand Parade and passes City Hall. We have a sneaking suspicion he would have loved watching a true 'Cape Rainbow Nation' marching for Freedom. A journey of a thousand miles starts with just one step.

(2) Back Beat, the Word is on the Street

Once again, the Cape Independence Band pounded out the vibrant beats of the Western Cape as the sounds of freedom resounded around Cape Town.

(3) From Human Wrongs to Human Rights

A poignant moment as the march passes the slave museum at the top of Adderley Street. We certainly aren't slaves, but self-determination is a recognised human right and the people of the Western Cape don't have it.

(4) Calling Premier Winde

The petition is handed over to a representative of Premier Alan Winde. 3333 people have signed it and it thanks the Democratic Alliance for agreeing to fix the referendum legislation, and to call a referendum which includes a question on Cape Independence. A vocal crowd made clear that this promise must now be honoured.

(5) The Road is Long

As the march filled Cape Town's iconic 'Long Street', the streets were lined with curious onlookers filming the march. One open topped tour bus got the best seats in the house, whilst a few cheeky journalists opted for the first floor balcony of the 'Beerhouse' (from where this photo was taken).

(6) It's a White Thing - Enough Now

The Cape Independence movement is habitually accused of having a hidden racial agenda despite all evidence to the contrary. Polling has repeatedly shown that the overwhelming majority of those in favour of Independence are people of colour. Once again the amazing crowd was diverse with people of all races present in numbers.

(7) Let us Pray

District 6 is synonymous with apartheid, racism, and injustice. It is also a symbol of hope and inspiration for the future. The march halted to pray for forgiveness for past sins, for deliverance from hurt, anger, and guilt, for love and reconciliation, and for a better future for all in an Independent Cape should it be God's will.

(8) I'll Crawl if I Have To

Some people just inspire. Anyone who has organised a public event knows that getting people out of their homes and onto the streets is hard work. Some supporters have to overcome far greater challenges than most, yet they find a way. Gents, we salute you!

(9) The Children are our Future

There were a few tired legs as the march neared the end, but the Cape spirit was unbreakable. We hope that one day, in their old age, these children will tell of a time when they marched for the Freedom that those who come after them get the privilege of taking for granted.

(10) If you Love it, Set it Free

Our 'Banner of the Day'. We have no axe to grind with the people of the rest of South Africa, we love them. But they want different things to what we want. We respect their democratic right to choose the government of their choice, we simply ask that they extend us the same courtesy. South Africa, if you love us too, set us free.

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