Explaining WC Devolution Working Group

EXPLANATORY NOTE: Why the CIAG joined the WC Devolution Working Group

Explanatory Note

The CIAG was one of several political parties and civic organisations who jointly announced the formation of the Western Cape Devolution Working Group.

The group’s purpose is for the various organisations to actively collaborate in taking power away from Pretoria and vesting it with the people of the Western Cape. The Cape independence movement is well represented, with both the Freedom Front Plus and the Cape Independence Party also joining.

Initiatives like this are essential to the achievement of Cape Independence. It would be entirely counter-productive for organisations who promote Cape Independence to isolate themselves on the side-lines of Western Cape politics repeating the same things over and over whilst expecting secession to somehow happen without any meaningful engagement with those who have the legislative power to deliver it.

Momentum and legitimacy are both essential to the ultimate success of Cape Independence. The benefits of supporting this initiative are significant. Some are direct, such as the working group’s commitment to ensuring that the referendum legislation is passed into law as soon as possible. Others are more nuanced.

The heavyweights of South African politics joining forces to take on the government in parliament, the courts, and in the public discourse is extremely helpful to our cause. Not only will it significantly weaken the position of the national government, but it will create real momentum towards Western Cape autonomy. Numerous independence campaigns globally have achieved critical mass through the incremental acquisition of devolved power.

All of the Cape Independence organisations who joined the group remain 100% committed to secession. The devolution working group must be viewed as one more very significant string to our bow which will complement our existing strategy of creating the circumstances necessary for the achievement of Cape Independence.

Devolution is as useful tool in our arsenal, and it will significantly improve the lives of Western Cape citizens, but it is not along-term solution. Only full independence will allow the Western Cape to fulfil its incredible potential and to isolate us from a failing South African state.

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