CIAG to launch single-issue 'Referendum Party'

PRESS RELEASE: New 'Referendum Party' will keep DA in power in WC, but force it to listen to its own voters on Cape Independence

CIAG to launch ‘Referendum Party’ to force DA to listen to WC voters on Cape Independence

Today the Cape Independence Advocacy Group (CIAG) announced the creation of the Referendum Party, a single-issue party for citizens of the Western Cape who support Cape Independence.

The new party will propose keeping the DA in power (by supporting it as a coalition partner) but forcing it to listen to its own voters and calling a referendum on Cape Independence.

The party will be officially launched in the next few weeks once the final preparations have been completed.

“Last week Premier Alan Winde officially confirmed that the DA was going to break its pre-2021 election promise and refuse to call a referendum on Cape Independence,” explains Phil Craig, CIAG spokesperson. “The path forward is very clear. If Western Cape voters want Cape Independence, then they are going to have to vote for Cape Independence in 2024, and that now means voting against the DA and for a party who is willing to call a referendum.”

The Referendum Party’s key message will be that it doesn’t matter how well a DA government in Cape Town performs if all of the major decisions are being taken by an ANC government in Pretoria.

“If you can’t control the policy, then you can’t control the outcome. Without Cape Independence, the Western Cape will ultimately share South Africa’s fate,” adds Craig.

The Referendum Party will specifically focus on four critical issues:

  1. Economic policy. The Western Cape cannot grow its economy sufficiently to create prosperity for all if it doesn’t have control of it.
  2. Policing. The Western Cape can never impose law and order without controlling its police.
  3. Taxation and spending. The Western Cape wants to improve service delivery rather than fund ANC corruption.
  4. Borders. The Western Cape can never stem the influx of illegal land invaders which deprives legal residents of limited provincial resources if it doesn’t control its borders.

Cape Independence will deliver control of each of these to the Western Cape Government, and by doing so, will create a better future for the people of the Western Cape.

DATE: 19 Oct 2023

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