CIAG Supports DA's 'Power to the People' Marches but Urges Change

PRESS RELEASE: CIAG supports DA's 'Power to the People' marches. Encourages supporters to join. Urges DA to call a referendum and change the system of government which has enabled this crisis


The Cape Independence Advocacy Group (CIAG) supports the DA’s ‘Power to the People’ marches to the ANC offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town. The electricity crisis is having a devastating effect on people’s lives and our economy, and it is as a direct consequences of failed ANC policies.

The CIAG encourages its supporters to join the DA march in Cape Town.

The CIAG also recognises and applauds that in the Western Cape the DA has taken significant steps to try and mitigate the worst of the disaster, including the proposed procurement of additional generating capacity.

The CIAG also wishes to place on record that according to its website, the DA first identified the looming electricity crisis 25 years ago, and that it has been the provincial government of the Western Cape for the last 14 of those years.

Despite its best efforts, the DA has still been unable to protect the people of the Western Cape from this crisis.

Loadshedding is not the only crisis which the Western Cape is facing, it is just more apparent than most because the lights literally go out several times a day and an app on your phone informs you when your government will next be failing you.

We must recognise that when our system of government actively prevents the provincial government from protecting its people from the incompetent and corrupt national government, it has failed.

The CIAG urges the Western Cape Government to consult with the Western Cape people by calling a referendum and asking them whether they want the system of government to be changed.

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