Cape Independence - Progress Update (June 2021)

Are we there yet? How far along are we in the process of obtaining Cape Independence?

We are asked almost daily where we are in the process of obtaining Cape Independence. We have written this post to give a general update.

To obtain independence we need to carry out the following steps:

1. Secure a referendum on Cape Independence.

2. Build enough support to win the referendum.

3. Line up sufficient international support.

4. Negotiate an agreement with South African government.

5. If we cannot reach an agreement, declare ourselves independent.

1. Securing a Referendum: (Score 8/10)

Update the legislation – The legislation via which a provincial referendum must be called has never been updated to incorporate the right for the Western Cape Premier to call a referendum. This needs to be done. On 13 June 2021, the DA announced that they would be shortly bringing a Private Members Bill in parliament to fix the legislation so that the Premier can call a referendum.

The wheels are now firmly in motion to complete this step.

Convince the Western Cape government (DA) to call a referendum - The constitution says that only the provincial premier may call a provincial referendum. That means until at least 2024 only the DA can call a referendum. To obtain a referendum we therefore need to place the maximum political pressure on the DA. This pressure can come from public events, media coverage, CapeXit's mandates, and votes for the Cape Party, Freedom Front Plus or other independence supporting parties. This allows the CIAG to directly lobby the DA for an independence referendum. It also allows you to individually lobby your DA ward councillors and MPs.

Whilst we must relentlessly keep the pressure on, on the basis of our ongoing discussions, we do believe that there will be a referendum on the question of Cape Independence.

2. Build Enough Support: (Score 6/10)

Polling - The independent polling we commissioned in August 2020 put support for independence at 36%. This was an incredible starting point, but well short of the support we ultimately need to win a referendum. Supporters of independence now need to work together to convince those who are either undecided or opposed to independence, that independence is our best (and perhaps only) option. We will keep on spreading the word in the media, via social media, by organising events, and by supporting other groups who support independence.

As supporters, we please need you to share information with your friends, relatives and colleagues and help spread the word. Sharing our Facebook page and asking them to follow us is a great start.

We would like to poll again and are currently raising funds to do so. We still need another R100 000. If you can help with a donation of R500 or R1000 (or more) then please do so. Click here to donate. We would really appreciate it.

CapeXit - CapeXit have over 800 000 mandates for Cape Independence (approx. 25% of all WC voters). These are an invaluable lobbying tool, and, in the event that we cannot secure a referendum and negotiate independence, provide a means by which to prove the democratic will of the people to the international community.

If you haven't given a mandate to CapeXit yet, please click here to give your mandate

Political Parties - The most powerful tool you have in a democracy is your vote. Please consider voting for a party that openly supports Cape Independence. At the time of writing, this includes the Cape Party and the Freedom Front Plus.

If you are a DA voter and don't want to change your vote, then please lobby your DA candidate to at least openly support a referendum on Cape Independence. (The majority of DA voters support Cape Independence as do many of their officials).

If you want independence then whatever you do, please do not vote for a party openly opposed to Cape Independence.

3. Line up International Support. (Score 4/10)

Building a Network - The CIAG has tentatively begun the process of securing international support for Cape Independence and the initial results have been encouraging. There are many international politicians willing to support the idea, and we now have access to the upper echelons of several international governments which we have targeted.

Realistically, all we can do at this stage is prepare the ground. Without the clear support of the majority of Western Cape voters no country is going to openly support us. What we can do is to start getting our 'ducks in a row' so that when we do have majority support domestically, international support will quickly follow.

Based on our discussions so far, we are confident that, if everything else is in place, international support is unlikely to be an issue.


We are making excellent progress towards independence. There is a lot of work still to be done. We can say with 100% conviction, independence is possible, but it is going to take every last one of us to roll up our sleeves and to make it happen.

About CIAG: We are a non-profit organisation committed to democratically, lawfully and peacefully obtaining independence for the collective peoples of the Western Cape. Support our work: please spread the word, register for our newsletter and donate.