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Secession is feasible and achievable. Our single biggest hurdle is that many people don't think it's possible. To succeed in our goal it's important to have popular support, and to do this we need your help, spread the word about secession to anyone you think may be interested. Together, we can make our dream a reality.

Help Spread the Word!

Please talk to the people around you and make them aware of the importance of Cape Independence. Convince a friend, then ask them to convince one of their friends. "Each One, Teach One".

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To show support for Cape independence, please update your Facebook profile picture with this frame. Ideally set your new picture for a long time (not just one week). Consider also using this profile photo for other platforms, like Twitter, Instagram, Google/Youtube.

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Join our Telegram channel to receive news and alerts. This is a fairly low traffic broadcast channel (one-way communication) - if you prefer not reading a lot of comments on social media. This channel is also private in that other subscribers can't see your details. You can stroll up to catch up with earlier news after you join.

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Funding and Donations

Please visit our Funding Page if you would like to contribute funding for this project.

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Contact your DA Ward Councillor

Please get in contact with the DA Ward Councillor for your area and ask them for their ideas on Cape independence. Ask them to propose a motion on provincial level.

Coming Soon

We are busy making a few items which will help create visibisity for the movement. These car mirror socks and car / fridge magnents will be available soon.