Get Involved

Secession is feasible and achievable. Our single biggest hurdle is that many people don't think it's possible. To succeed in our goal it's important to have popular support, and to do this we need your help, spreading the word about secession to anyone you think may be interested. Together, we can make our dream a reality.

Help Spread the Word!

Please talk to the people around you and make them aware of the importance of Cape Independence. Convince a friend, then ask them to convince one of their friends. "Each One, Teach One". Please make sure you are familiar with the Frequently Asked Questions.

How To Support Cape Independence

We published a Guide to Supporting the Cape Independence Movement - please do as many of the things on this list as you can.

DIY - Design & Print

If you have a colour printer or a print shop nearby, feel free to download the PDF files below - then print and distribute as stickers or magnets. You can also use these elements in your own designs. Right-click to download a PDF version.

  • Add to your eMail Signature

  • Sticker or Magnet

  • Sticker or Magnet

  • Flag

  • A5 Flyer English - 2 pages with printing instructions